5 Tips For Choosing Your Indian Wedding Jewelry

August 29, 2014 at 5:45 amCategory:Beautiful jewelary

 Set up a budget

There are a large amount of things which needs attention while you are preparing for an Indian wedding. Therefore, there are more chances for your budget to go for a toss. If you want to avoid crisis like these, you will have to plan ahead and set up a budget for purchasing the wedding jewelry. If you are not having high budget for the entire collection of the jewelry then you can go for a luxuriant neckpiece, beautiful set of bangles and an impressive pair of earrings.

Choose a trusted jeweler

Purchasing bridal or any sort of costly jewelry from a trusted and reputed jeweler will not only guarantee good quality jewelry but would also give us a vast range of jewelry collection to choose from. Search for a reliable jeweler from your family members, relatives, and friends or online and then only purchase your jewelry.

Jewelry should match with the wedding dress

When you are thinking of buying your wedding jewelry, it is very significant to keep your wedding dress in mind. For example if the dress you are wearing for your wedding is bridal Indian finery with colors which are bright such as red, orange, yellow, purple, blue or green, then you can select gold or silver jewelry as they would look good with it. If you are having a heavy wedding dress which is designed elaborately then elegant piece of jewelry would complement your dress. On the other hand if you are wearing a gown as your wedding dress then a luxuriant piece of necklace along with a pair of elegant chandelier earrings would look awesome. If you are wearing a heavy saree with your hair tied up then jhumkis would look beautiful with it.

Do not over accessorize yourself

Over accessorizing is the worst thing which a bride can do for killing up her looks. Indian brides are already well known for wearing heavy dresses for their wedding, now if they adorn themselves with too many pieces of jewelry then it would be looking too lustrous and would weigh them down too. This makes a person look frumpy and dull than happy.

Purchase timeless jewelry for your wedding

Purchase your jewelry smartly, invest in timeless jewelry. Instead of buying a jewelry that you would wear only once on your wedding, buy something which you can wear time and again and can even pass it on to your child.

How to Drape a Sari Like a Celebrity

August 25, 2014 at 2:00 amCategory:Celebrity saree

Saree is in vogue in the fashion industry not only in India but also overseas. Many celebrities all over the world are experimenting and evolving the overall look and style of the sarees. This is kind of clothing that has improved the zenith of the fashion scenario. It has become a cosmic fashion and its versatility is been experimented and expanded by many celebrities.

If you are thinking how to drape a sari like a celebrity then you should read the following:

3  1. Gujrati Way: This style of wearing a sari is also known as the seedha pallu’ way. This saree is draped by tucking the pleats to the right instead of left. The pallu in this way of wearing a saree is taken back and it is then brought over the right shoulder. The pallu should now spread across the chest and the left edge of it should be tucked inside the back of the petticoat. In this type of draping a saree, a saree with flowy texture looks great. If the pallu of a saree is heavy and rich then it will look very beautiful. Many celebrities are seen wearing this style of saree. Women Draping this style of sari In festivals.

2. Bengali Style: This style of wearing a saree has become popular among celebrities like Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwariya Rai Bachan and others. The Traditional Bengali sarees comes in bright hue and it has intricate borders. It is considered as the most unique style of saree because it does not have the pleating system. For draping it, you have to start wrapping it from the left side. You should wrap full round of it and another hall of it in such a way that the rounds of it is ending near the right side of the waist. The pallu of it should be taken up to the left shoulders and it should fall until the back of the knees. It should now be folded and brought up to the right shoulder to form a long “V” at the back.

3. Rajrani Style: This sty1le of draping sarees is worn by celebrities who usually represent India. This style helps to state the grandeur for which India is known for. For wearing it, one end of the saree is neatly tucked in the in-skirt/petticoat at the center and the saree should be taken around to bring it to the front and it is then neatly tucked. The pallu should be held from the back and you should make pleats after bringing it to the front. The pallu should be dropped on the right shoulder. There should be at least 6-7 pleats in the middle section.This style most popular in Indian Weddings and Engagement.