There is an image of my great-grandmother, Anna Nowak novena horn, keeping my grandfather, Alfred Sigmund horn, in his dress up outfit. In dresses, children were held in those days until these were many years old. The entire year was 1903. The costume is of thin cloth covered with embroidery. 3 years later, in the age of four, the young man proudly showed his new weapon off! People grew up fast while in the mountains of Colorado. The dress that Anna is wearing is constructed of various kinds lace combined, and she’s carrying an apron made from thin cloth with lace and tucks at the end. She would create the complete outfit herself, having learned wonderful needlework skills at a young age.

Houston Community Life

Her high-collar, typical of the attire worn by a young mother in those moments, could have been employment in itself to keep starched and clean. It was all in per days benefit the country doctor’s spouse. She would commit my great-grandfather, Alfred Daniel horn, in New York before they went west to co in the 1890s. By doing like a soloist at trinity cathedral, he had sung his way through medical school. The novena and Nowak people emigrated from Prague in bohemia through the 1860s. They were owners of wood carving, and textile arts, as well as other types of hand creations that have been very much sought after for the properties of the rich and of substantial sophistication. The neatness was costume makers for being mixed up in intellectual life of the region, in addition to that vaudeville show business convention in network. Anna spoke six languages.

The family traditions of wood and art carving held for all ages, and clans of musicians lived sharing their resources. These types of group connections established the key of artistic life for generations in previous Houston Community Life. Those that had skills and they passed along to the younger members of the family. People shared what they could collect in pleasure and appreciation. There would be a huge gathering daily at meals to share whatever had come to your family. This history of sharing ensured that everyone had that which was needed in life. For centuries in whatever types of circumstances came along, clans of performers made their way this way. The table will be decorated wonderfully with handmade linens and all varieties of decorations, to assure everyone had a spot among whatever prosperity had been accumulated.


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